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Monthly Archives: March 2011

My adventful week (and it’s only Wednesday)

My trip to the eye doctor was not. fun.  I had to get my pupils dialated this time.  I had not had to have that done in years.  It burns, than it feels ok, than your eyes keep watering, than your vision is blurry, than you sit in front of a thing and stare into this bright light.  The brightest light I have ever seen.  Not once, but twice.  Than you start to get a headache and feel a little dizzy.  Than the Dr. tells me I’m so near sided that he had to check for signs of retnal detachment and that my eyes are long.  That still grosses me out.  Than he gives me these since my eyes are so sensitive to light.

Than I embarress my children by picking them up in these awesome shades!

Oh yeah, I was rocking ’em.

But alas!  That was Monday and Today is Wednesday and I got a call from the office telling me both my glasses are ready to be picked up.  YES!  I’m really happy with both of them.  I was a little nervous at first but I’m used to them now.

These are navy blue with light blue and white.

These are a dark brown with teal and black zebra stripes on the sides.

On to my next story of the day.  Still today, Wednesday, March 30th. 

I watch my nephew on Monday and Wednesday every week.  He is only 2 and loves to explore.  I put my girls in the bath tub and laied him down for a nap so I could work on this:

He went into the bathroom right under my nose, took off his socks and pants and did this:

Yupp!  He got right into the tub with his shirt and onsie on, and what I soon discover, a dirty diaper!  I get the girls out and get him out, undress him and remove his diaper.  I tell him to stay and not sit on anything so I can go throw the 10 pound diaper away, I come back and hes gone!  Back in the bathroom he went, naked as a jaybird, dirty butt and all trying to climb back into the tub!  He is so funny and such a handful sometimes.  But a joy to have twice a week =)

Blakes parent teacher conference was tonight and I completly missed my scheduled time.  Got there 15 minutes late and they wouldn’t see me.  So I feel terrible guilt about that.  Horrible.  I have no time manegement skills at all and I know to the outside world that makes me look lazy, careless, and like a bad mom.  I feel horrible.  =(

Onto some good news.  My family has been truly blessed by Christ this week.  My aunt and uncle adopetd a baby girl one day old Monday.  They kept this a secret from the family since Christmas, careful not to get their hopes up.  I just found out last night.  On their way home from the hospital with her.  They have wanted a baby for years and I think it’s awesome God chose them for this beautiful baby girl.  They’re going to make teriffic parents. 

Sorry I havn’t been on much this week but I have been terribly busy, and I have a craft show in 2 weeks!  I have some more things planned for the week.  Finally can someone tell me why Friday is April 1st and it is doing this outside????? 

Happy Spring!!~!!   =)

p.s.  I posted this without proofreading, editing, or spell checking.  please quit judging =)



B just broke Big M’S glasses!!!!! ~:<

It’s just one of those days.

Well, I haven’t felt very good the last few days.  It might be from enjoying all the beautiful “springy” weather last weekend and waking up to this yesterday.

Yes folks, that is SNOW.  It’s the end of March.  And we are still getting snow.  Monday it was near 70.  Right this very second its 32.  Not. Fun.  Looking at these pictures makes me shiver.

Well today, I let my girls have fun paint time in my bedroom.  When they went into the bathroom to clean up, I decided it was a fine time to shower.  My girls are almost 4 and 5 years old.  This is what happened.

Actually, the arms were so twisted I couldn’t even open them.  I tried to gently pry them apart and one arm broke off.  Let me tell you, I want to cry, I can not see a thing without my glasses.  I’m too exhausted to yell, but I’m really mad that they were so careless with other people’s property (OPP?).  Well disappointed.  Very disappointed.

This is my lens people.  They are THICK.

I was able to hot glue that broken arm temporally so I could safely drive to my eye doctor.  The nurse was able to salvage them by correctly straightening out the twisted arm and taping the other broken arm.  And they were able to get me in on Monday morning.  I’m relieved I don’t have to wait a week or longer.


At least she was able to temporally fix them to get me through the weekend.  I hope they last.  It’s going to be a good weekend.  Baseball, a Birthday Party for a good friend of my children, Diary of a Wimpy Kid with Big M and B, and a good group of friends.  And I always look forward to Church Sunday mornings. 

Now I’m headed off to pick up a friend of Big M and Wal*Mart to get some craft supplies =)

I hope you all take some time to yourself and enjoy your weekend.  =)

I made some more stuff

I have been making hair bows and flower clips all day and I’m so happy I’m finally getting a few orders.  YEAH!   Here are some pics of what I’ve been working on today.

Black satin posy with hot pink center.

large candy stripe pin wheel bow.

small basic bow set

Spiky peace sign bow

Hot pink and leopard bow

White spiky daisy

Large yellow rose with clear gem center

Hot pink satin multi flower headband with assorted seed bead center.

The colors on some of these pics look over shadowed and kind of dull.  I’m playing with a few different cameras and editing software.  I’m also planning on doing a craft show next month so we’ll see how things go with getting prepared for that.  It is a lot of work, but I’m excited and up for the challenge.  If anyone wants me to make anything specifically for your little girl, (or you (I wear those satin flowers all the time)) send me a message under the contact tab and I would be happy to make something special and handmade for you. =)

Another Tutorial! Felt Flowers

Alrighty, I have another tutorial!  I hope you guys are as excited as I am about the stuff I make.  I wanted to make a Buckeyes Korker type of clip, but I can’t find my dowel rods anywhere.  After tearing through my craft stuff a million times, having an anxiety attack, and reminding myself that going to Wal*Mart like 20 miles away at 7 pm was not necessarly necessary, I decided to try my hand at these cute flowers I found over here at Mrs. Priss.  I’m working on a pretty big bow order right now and I need to get down to business.

Cut out 6 large petals and 6 small ones.  I tried to free hand it but it looked more like a smashed grape than a flower petal.  So I made a template out of some regular ol paper and cut around that.  Oh make the bigger petals about 1″ in width at the largest end of the petal.  The smaller petals are just slightly smaller. Ha!

 The large circle is the backing.

Pinch the petals together at the smaller part of the petal, and glue.

Glue the bigger petals to the backing.

Glue the smaller petals inside the bigger ones.

Finish off your flower by gluing a pretty gem stone or pearl, or what ever you like.

Now you have a pretty little flower to clip in your hair, on your bag, whatever! 

Spring is here.. maybe

For those of us who live in NE Ohio, we have had a pretty rough winter.  I am so happy to finally see some sunshine.  I have spent the weekend outdoors with my family.  We have really been taking advantage of this beautiful weather.  We have been anxiously awaiting baseball season and Big M had his first baseball practice on the field.  We were not expecting to be on the ball field this early.  Sadly, I don’t have any pics of baseball. :( boo me.. I do have some pics of Sunday at Nana and D Dads (Grandads).   Here are the girls enjoying the swing set.

And boy on his go-cart.

I got a lot of yard work done also and found these baby 4 O’clock sprouts.  They make me happy :)

And here are some Magnolia buds on my tree!

I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather as well before the snow starts Friday.  :(  ewww

That’s NE Ohio weather for ya!

A Tutorial, or Two. Felt Rosettes & Partially Lined Alligator Clip

After a busy few days, I’m finally making my first tutorial.  Yay!  With a ton of pictures.  Felt rosettes are so popular right now.  You can glue them on a clippie, decorate with them, use them as gift toppers, even put them on a pin.  I used mine for a clippie for my daughters. 


  • square of felt
  • clippie
  • hot glue gun
  • glue
  • scizzors
  • pencil
  • ribbon (for lining clippie)
  • embelishments (if you want)

Pic basically showes the size of your square.

Use the pencil to round off your corners.  This is not a must, you can of course free hand it.

Of course you cut out the circle now.

Next, cut your circle into a spiral.  It will form a long strand of felt.  You will be left with a circle at the end. 

Finally, to make the rosette you roll your felt up starting from that skinny point at the end.  Not the circle end.

 That circle at the end, it covers the bottom of the rosette perfectly.

I cut out leaves for this tutorial.  Of course you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.

 Now here it is glued.  See, you can’t even see the underside.  I love how finished it looks.  And it’s effortless.

Glue the leaves together, and glue them on the rosette underside. 

Now, lining the aligator clip is a no brainer, but I thought as long as I’m doing a tutorial, I’d throw it in, incase you need it.

I measure my ribbon by pinching it the entire length of the clip and wrapping it around the top to the underdiside just just enough to cover the area where you pinch the clip.  I hope I explained that well.  There are pics.  At the end I glue it all the way around.

Now the clip is glued onto the flower.  You can make several and cluster them.  Put them on a headband.  Embelish them if you’d like.  I used a single peral in the blue rosettes.  And now B will model several of them.

I hope you like my first tutorial and have fun making these little lovlies.  :)