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I’m finally a Bloggerrr!

Yours TrulyOkay, so, I have wanted to start my own blog for.. hmm.. like over a year.  I’ve always liked writing, but I couldn’t narrow it down to whatit was that I wanted to write about.  And would people actually read my blog?  I finally decided and took the plunge.  This blog is about family, children, preschoolers, crafts, frugal living, home decorating, a little fashion, and all things I love.  I hope you enjoy.  And pleassee subscribe and visit often.


About I'm just crazy about Tiffany

I am your typicial, mini-van driving, caffine-head, suburban housewife. Who despises cleaning and cooking. I spend my days taking care of my 3 very active children. I love shopping and can't resist a good deal. I have a problem. I also like making hairbows and flowers and finding unique ways to decorate.

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  1. Tiffani those bows are too cute My hubby and I would like to get some for our 2 year old and 9 year old I sent you a message on Facebook I am proud of you for doing this its a great way to reach out to other moms

    • thanks you so much for your kind words autumn! =) I would love to make some pretty hairbows for your beautiful daughters. i didnt get the message on facebook but there is a contact tab right at the top of my blog. it goes right into my personal inbox that i check a bazillion times a day. we can get started! im excited :)


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