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Spring is here.. maybe

For those of us who live in NE Ohio, we have had a pretty rough winter.  I am so happy to finally see some sunshine.  I have spent the weekend outdoors with my family.  We have really been taking advantage of this beautiful weather.  We have been anxiously awaiting baseball season and Big M had his first baseball practice on the field.  We were not expecting to be on the ball field this early.  Sadly, I don’t have any pics of baseball. :( boo me.. I do have some pics of Sunday at Nana and D Dads (Grandads).   Here are the girls enjoying the swing set.

And boy on his go-cart.

I got a lot of yard work done also and found these baby 4 O’clock sprouts.  They make me happy :)

And here are some Magnolia buds on my tree!

I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather as well before the snow starts Friday.  :(  ewww

That’s NE Ohio weather for ya!


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I am your typicial, mini-van driving, caffine-head, suburban housewife. Who despises cleaning and cooking. I spend my days taking care of my 3 very active children. I love shopping and can't resist a good deal. I have a problem. I also like making hairbows and flowers and finding unique ways to decorate.

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