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Another Tutorial! Felt Flowers

Alrighty, I have another tutorial!  I hope you guys are as excited as I am about the stuff I make.  I wanted to make a Buckeyes Korker type of clip, but I can’t find my dowel rods anywhere.  After tearing through my craft stuff a million times, having an anxiety attack, and reminding myself that going to Wal*Mart like 20 miles away at 7 pm was not necessarly necessary, I decided to try my hand at these cute flowers I found over here at Mrs. Priss.  I’m working on a pretty big bow order right now and I need to get down to business.

Cut out 6 large petals and 6 small ones.  I tried to free hand it but it looked more like a smashed grape than a flower petal.  So I made a template out of some regular ol paper and cut around that.  Oh make the bigger petals about 1″ in width at the largest end of the petal.  The smaller petals are just slightly smaller. Ha!

 The large circle is the backing.

Pinch the petals together at the smaller part of the petal, and glue.

Glue the bigger petals to the backing.

Glue the smaller petals inside the bigger ones.

Finish off your flower by gluing a pretty gem stone or pearl, or what ever you like.

Now you have a pretty little flower to clip in your hair, on your bag, whatever! 


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I am your typicial, mini-van driving, caffine-head, suburban housewife. Who despises cleaning and cooking. I spend my days taking care of my 3 very active children. I love shopping and can't resist a good deal. I have a problem. I also like making hairbows and flowers and finding unique ways to decorate.

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    I am going to have to print on these out and put in a future grandma book! j

  2. Those are so cute! You are just so crafty! good luck with your sell. i know you will do good. love you!


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