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It’s just one of those days.

Well, I haven’t felt very good the last few days.  It might be from enjoying all the beautiful “springy” weather last weekend and waking up to this yesterday.

Yes folks, that is SNOW.  It’s the end of March.  And we are still getting snow.  Monday it was near 70.  Right this very second its 32.  Not. Fun.  Looking at these pictures makes me shiver.

Well today, I let my girls have fun paint time in my bedroom.  When they went into the bathroom to clean up, I decided it was a fine time to shower.  My girls are almost 4 and 5 years old.  This is what happened.

Actually, the arms were so twisted I couldn’t even open them.  I tried to gently pry them apart and one arm broke off.  Let me tell you, I want to cry, I can not see a thing without my glasses.  I’m too exhausted to yell, but I’m really mad that they were so careless with other people’s property (OPP?).  Well disappointed.  Very disappointed.

This is my lens people.  They are THICK.

I was able to hot glue that broken arm temporally so I could safely drive to my eye doctor.  The nurse was able to salvage them by correctly straightening out the twisted arm and taping the other broken arm.  And they were able to get me in on Monday morning.  I’m relieved I don’t have to wait a week or longer.


At least she was able to temporally fix them to get me through the weekend.  I hope they last.  It’s going to be a good weekend.  Baseball, a Birthday Party for a good friend of my children, Diary of a Wimpy Kid with Big M and B, and a good group of friends.  And I always look forward to Church Sunday mornings. 

Now I’m headed off to pick up a friend of Big M and Wal*Mart to get some craft supplies =)

I hope you all take some time to yourself and enjoy your weekend.  =)


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I am your typicial, mini-van driving, caffine-head, suburban housewife. Who despises cleaning and cooking. I spend my days taking care of my 3 very active children. I love shopping and can't resist a good deal. I have a problem. I also like making hairbows and flowers and finding unique ways to decorate.

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