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Get Excited! (:

It’s a tutorial!!  (:

Marbled Nails

I was just gonna post a pic. since this is my first attempt at this.  But since I still had all my supplies mess out, I figured, “what the hey!  let’s make a tutorial out of this!”

So today is your lucky day.

Gather all the supplies you will need.  Which is just things you should already have at home.

Please ignore that mess and if you can’t read the text on the photo its warm water in a disposable cup, toothpicks, colors of your choice (I chose red, white, and blue as independence day is approaching), top coat, nail polish remover, cotton balls, and tooth picks.

Drip your polish into the cup to make a bullseye pattern like so.  It is very important that the caps already be unscrewed of your polish because it dries very quickly.

Very lightly swirl the polish with the tooth pick. 

Dip your finger into the polish nail side down.  Use the tooth pick to gather all that extra polish around your finger.

(gross. please don’t pay attention to Big M’s grody fingernail)

Here it is almost finished.  You have to clean that mess off your finger and be very careful not to get any nail polish remover or cotton near your cute new manicure.  Paint it with a topcoat so it lasts a little longer. 

Here’s a close-up of mine done.  As I have pointed out I have a few smudges and it’s still a little messy around the cuticle area. 

TIP:  I painted a white topcoat on my nails to make the colors pop a little more.  I didn’t do this on B’s nails and it didn’t seem to make too much of a difference.

The Low Down

This is really cute, but takes practice and a ton of patience.  You must work very quickly.  The mess your left with after you dip your nail makes me question whether or not its even worth the trouble.  Some tutorials tell you to put tape around your finger.  But, I’m impatient and the way I see it, you’d still probably get polish around your cuticle so I didn’t even bother with that.  I’ll probably do it again because I like nail art, but leopard print is seriously easier.  (:




Make-up Tutorial

 As I have stated before, I am a BzzAgent.  This is a Word of Mouth Marketing program and I get free samples of full size products to review and talk about.  I got my 3rd Bzzkit and I was really excited to try this one.  L’Oreal Paris Make up!  Yeah!  I have kind of an addiction to make-up.  In my BzzKit I got My L’Oreal Paris BzzGuide, Double EXtend Eye Illuminator Mascara and The One Sweep eyeshadow.

The eye shadow is a compact of 3 colors in one tray.  You sweep the applicator sponge over it to pick up all three colors.  Make sure you get the darkest of the 3 on the bottom and the lightest on the top. 

The applicator takes the shape of your eye lid.

This is what the eye shadow looks like applied.

Now onto the mascara.  The products I received were customized for my eye color as stated on the packaging of the mascara.  So these colors are for green eyes.  There are 4 mascaras available for a totally customizable look.

The mascara wand/brush.

Here is the mascara basecoat. 

The deer in headlights look.

The topcoat wand.  The topcoat has shimmer/glitter flecks in it.  It’s a poof ball at the end for precision.


And the completed look.


And a little vogue.

You can see the gold flecks a little better in this one.

Okay, now for the review.  First off, I used only the 2 products shown with the exemption of a little foundation.  No other tools or products were used.  This is not my “complete look”. 

The One Sweep Eye Shadow:  You must get the applicator flat to get color onto the entire applicator.  This is kind of awkward to do as the applicator is not very flexible.  I also like my lids to be a little darker and more sparkly.  This eye shadow is kind of matte.  The 2nd day I used this I put a few more coats on and it was a little more to my liking.  (not shown)

Double EXtend Eye Illuminator Mascara:  I don’t care for the brush.  It’s not special.  I like a big fat fluffy brush but to each his own.  The mascara alone wasn’t bad though.  The Topcoat wand, I felt like was so big at the end it pulled most of the sparkles off inside the product tube. This made me layer upon layer of the topcoat so I could see some sparkle (the bottom half of the wand is thin so it gets plenty of sparkle love).  And all the layering made my lashes stick together.  I think the sparkles had little to no effect.  Maybe I just need to practice with this wand a little more so I can get the full effect.

All in all these products are not my favorites.  I will use them again (already have).  But they are not my go-to gals.  Like I said about the eyeshadow, I liked the look a little better the second time I used them, but I also paired them with other tools and products, that I use on a daily basis.  Sorry L’Oreal =(    I think these products are a bit gimmicky.  =(