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Stuff I Dig

It’s no big secret I love shopping.  And I love a good deal.  I love browsing the internet for ideas and inspiration for anything from fashion to how-to’s and home decorating.  So it’s a post of the things I’ve been obsessing over this summer so far.  There’s a lot more I’d like to add to it, but haven’t had the time to work on some things. 

Masonic’s Baseball.  I love watching them play. 

Milk Glass.  I am lllooovvving milk glass right now.  I wish this beautiful collection belonged to me.

Flea Markets and Garage Sales.  They have the biggest flea market here called Rogers.  You can find such cool, and random stuff.  I went last friday and was literally drueling at all the cool vintage things they have.

I love this kitchen.  My bottom cabinets are already this color but with oil rubbed knobs and drawer pulls.  But the highlight here is the apron front sink.  I neeeeed this sink, Right. Now.

Kettle Cooked Chips.  I have fallen in love with these thick, crunchy, twisted, slices of potato happiness.  I must have them every day. 

Making my own frozen coffee drinks.  They taste so good and I have saved so much money compared to getting them at expensive coffee shops.  Use double strength coffee if you’re making it right away.  If you’re going to put it in the fridge to cool and drink later, a la iced coffee, make it how you normally do.  A summer must have for this mama.

Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream.  MMMmmmm.  I was at a Birthday Party for a friend of my daughters when I was introduced to this purple, creamy, goodness.  I’m totally hooked.  It has to have the dark chocolate chips in it.  And the sad part of this story is, it is really hard to find.  Really. I will leave an ice cream stand if they don’t have it.  And the closest I’ve come is Handel’s Chocolate raspberry Truffle.  Ruggles makes it and I’ve found it at the Marathon in my city, (also, the one and only gas station. Imagine that). But its like $7.00 for a half-gallon thingie.  Only in severe desperation will I pay that.  I haven’t seen it in any grocery stores in either of the town’s nearest to me.  But Wal-Mart does have Breyer’s for around $3.50 a half-gallon thingie.  Enough about the ice cream already.

Leopard Print nails.  This is so easy to do and so versatile.  You can do pretty much any color combo.  Right now my toes are pink leopard print.  I’ve done teal and standard leopard also.  Try it.  Totally easy, I swear.  And I paint my nails like a 5-year-old.

I really, really like this Juicy Couture bag.  It has a bow on it. It’s sparkly.  It’s pink.  It’s silver.  It’s everything a girly girl loves.  (:

I mean, my names Tiffany. 

Aaaaannnndddd….. I’ve started pinning.  I heart Pinterest. 

Yupp, that about explains it.  It’s kinda like looking through a pottery barn catalogue. 

We’ve canceled our satellite tv subscription and switched to Netflix and local channels only.  The whole family has enjoyed it.  The kids have seen every single episode of Spongebob and I’ve got to catch up on Secret Life.  It’s a win/win.

Our wittle baby tittens.  =D  We have a rescue that had 4 kittens almost 6 weeks ago.  3 Grey and white tabbys and a black and white tabby.  This is not one of them because I can’t get my kittens to pose for a cute picture, but it looks enough like the 3 grey and white ones.  My girls are enjoying looking after them and the mama is soo good with them.  They just got started on kitten food and we’re trying to help them figure out the litter box.  


Coupon craziness





One of the ways I save money is by using coupons.   I started couponing about 2 years ago and was loving it. My stock pile was growing and so was my coupon pile. I heard a bunch of different stories on how to organize coupons. My coupons soon outgrew my accordion binder thingie. I was putting them in envelopes and sticking them I’m a baby wipe container. That didn’t work well taking them into the store with 3 kids. And u can’t see your coupons inside white envelopes. It just wasn’t working. I was also dating and stacking my inserts and cutting as I go. That got confusing, overwhelming and messy. I had heard about the zper binder with baseball card pages but was too cheap to go out and buy stuff just to save money. I was couponing because I had to. Not because I was taking the amount I was savng on my grcery bill to put in a fund for a rainy day. (A lot of ppl coupon to save for something special. Vacation, car, ect.) I was getting coupons in the mail, from newspapers, peelies, blinkies, tear pads. Insde package boxes.  It became a huge mess and there were darn coupons everywhere!  I got tired of it and threw them all away.  Now once a couponer always a couponer. It was hard to grocery shop without them.  I cringe at the thought of paying full price for things.  I avoided shopping at all costs and would only make small trips here andthere.  Well those trips add up and my stock pile dissappeared.  I’m on my last free stick of deoderant and thought I needed to get organized and get back into the groove.  I broke down and spent $4 on baseball card insert pages.  I am using an old zipper binder of M’s (the rings are broken so I will need to buy a new one). I saved about 3 weeks of inserts and spent last Tuesday cutting them and puting them in the binder.  Wednesday I went through my sale ads, made a detailed list, and hit the stores.  Because it was the middle of the week a lot of the items on my list were out of stock.  And I should have grabbed rain checks, but since I’m a reborn coupon virgin I forgot.  :(  well I hit up rite aid, wal mart and giant eagle.  Drum roll……..  giant eagle: $5.01 ~ 2 oral b tooth brushes, 9 candy bars, jello pudding temptations, 5 sobe life waters, coffee creamer, and philly cooking creme
Rite aid: 3 transactions- 2 crest prohealth toothpaste $3.35. And 2 $2 up rewards. 5 sobe life waters. Used 1 $2 up reward from toothpaste and paid $1.80 oop. (Out of pocket) got $1 up reward. 8 robins egg bags. Used $1 up reward from sobe and paid .05. So I spent a total oop $5.20 and still have a $2 up reward from the toothpaste. And at walmart I ended up with a spic n span cleaner, travel deoderant and olay wash, 8 candy bars and 2 lunchables nd spent $1.49!!!  I can’t wait to go this week :) what do you do to save money? Do you have any cupon tips for me? Id love to hear your comments.